HPO Capabilities

  • HPO's portfolio of services provide integration assistance of the Learning Performance paradigm principles, methods, and technology used across the organization.
  • Services are designed to determine current state of readiness to adopt a Learning Performance Paradigm.
  • An adoption road map is developed based upon learning performance assessment findings to ensure effective integration of enhanced/expanded methodology and tactics.
  • Defining learning and performance requirements ensure accurate evaluation for making "best fit" methodology and appropriate technology integrations.

Current State Discovery

Adopting Learning Performance Paradigm disciplines imply Change that may range from "minor tweaks" to something more transformational in scope. The nature and
extent of Change cannot be determined until a Current State is accurately identified. Following are key areas assessed to determine opportunies and challenges to be addressed:
  • Cultural - Assess current state of thinking at executive level to determine if sustaining workforce capability through a shift to an evolved paradigm is going to be endorsed. Is "ReThink" an option?
  • People - Assess who will be impacted across a hierarchy of roles.
  • Process - Assess current state workflows/processes targeting Point of Work, and associated current best practice methodologies utilized by L&D.
  • Content - Assess current state of content used to support learning as well as informational content utilized at the Point of Work.
  • Technology - Assess current state and potential migration of technology footprint utilized by the workforce across the Learner-to-Performer Continuum.
  • Measurement - Assess current state of performance metric identification and measurement best practices.
  • Environment - Assess attribute of the work environment that limit or restrain consistent performance results from geographic, to presnce of risk and urgency at the Point of Work.

Adoption Road Map that shows Current State and plots steps to support a migration startegy toward full adoption. 

Adopting a Performance Paradigm Implies Change!

Are those changes transformational...
or are they only minor tweaks?

What is the Road Map to accommodate an optimized migration to full adoption?

Is your organization
READY or are you at a

state of READINESS
to sustain full  adoption?

Coaching & Skill Building

Introducing Learning Performance disciplines into an organization present a "Re-Think" opportunity within the L&D function, and more importantly, within operational stakeholder populations. The best starting point is establishing a new conversation!
  • Evolved application of L&D methods and resources become powerful tools to speed development efforts and reduce actual time spent developing and delivering learning performance blendsed solutions.‚Äč
Coaching and Skill Building:
Relevant options listed below are defined by the results of the
Current State Assessment and can be customized to address:
  • How to Change the Conversation
  • Utilizing a Repeatable Change Leadership Model
  • Point of Work Discovery
  • KPI Identification
  • Integrating Point of Work Into Different Training Venues
HPO provides Coaching & Skill Building virtually, and/or suppported on-site at the request of the client.
Where to begin?
Leverage the Readiness Assessment
to establish a base camp to hone skills and abilities before beginning the climb to adoption

Vendor Evaluation & Selection

Current State Learning Performance Assessment (LPA) findings are essential for determining unique learning, performance, and operational business requirements for your organization in order to match up with "best fit"  vendor capabilities if/when Digital Performance Guidance (DPG) or other technology proves to be a viable option.
  • The performance vendor space, for example, has many players with five or so that rise to the top in terms of features and functions.
  • While each vendor provides some capabilities that are common to all, each also brings unique operational features that the others cannot match.
  • Complex workflows utilizing multiple systems play better with some vendors than others.
  • Some vendors excel at training support; others shine with document creation; others excel at cloning assets and resources; while others provide robotic functions.
  • Vendor capability alignment is determined by scrutinizing assessment findings to prioritize functional requirements by operational business need.
Business needs should drive technology - not the other way around!
  • Avoid the RFP process;  instead, use current state learning performance assessment findings and migration road map to build targeted Use Case RFI scenarios to compare "best fit" vendor options.
Avoid the bright shiny
technology object syndrome!

Make an informed decision based on
your organizational requirements now and in whatever the future may bring

HPO Engagement Options

Pricing for HPO services determined after initial exploratory discussions and based upon mutually agreed upon Scope of Work [SOW]. Options may include a retainer basis or a per deliverable as identified in individual SOWs.

Current State Learning Performance Assessment (LPA):
  1. Leadership level presentation to establish initial dialog and determine strategic challenges, priorities, and confirm commitment to pursue adoption of a Learning Performance paradigm.
  2. Determine scope and resulting cost to complete an assessment.
       Deliverable - Adoption Road Map recommendations based upon identified opportunities and challenges across People, Process, Content,  
                                   Technology, Measurement & Environment

Optional Coaching & Skill Building:
  1. HPO may be engaged in the role of coach and/or the provider for closing any skill gaps determined in the Assessment phase.
  2. Determine scope and resulting costs for HPO involvement.
       Deliverable - Coaching in support of the Learning Performance Paradigm Adoption journey.
       Deliverable - Custom Workshops to close skill competency gaps as defined in the Assessment phase.

Optional Vendor Evaluation & Selection:
  1. Determine if HPO will be utilized in vendor evaluation and selection activities.
  2. Determine scope of involvement and resulting costs for HPO support.
       Deliverable - Vendor evaluation based upon Use Case criteria determined in the Performance Assessment phase.

  • HPO's primary offering, Current State Lerning Performance Assessment (LPA) may be a singular engagement.
  • Both options for Skill building and Vendor Evaluation are supported by and follow completion of the LP Assessment.
  • A client may choose to accept all, parts, or none of the Assessment recommendations.
  • HPO's recommends both post-assessment options for continuity; however, the degree of engagement in any either option would be defined by assessment findings and scoped individually.
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